Poetry: Dawn, Midday, and Twilight


Fingers of sunlight creep in through the blinds and touch my face
The lumpy mattress hugs my body in its familiar embrace as I open my eyes
The Divine light caresses my soul as I say my prayers
The smiling, kind face of my mother sets my heart aglow!
The cooktop wakes up at the touch of a mere button
Aromatic smell of eggs, potatoes, beans permeate the air as my father cooks breakfast
The microwave heats water for tea at breakneck speed

As I login to my laptop, it connects in the blink of an eye to the Internet
The Keyboard beckons me to start Spelling To Communicate
My smiling, radiant teacher comes online transporting me to the Universe of Numbers
I am engrossed in a parallel world where equations keep floating over my head
The next class is English where I am transformed into a world of creative writing
I fantasize about castles, beaches, mountains, and yogis as I listen to audio books


The Greenway trail with lush forests surrounds me on all sides
The songbirds, marshes, crickets, scuttling squirrels take me through an enchanted forest

I trudge on and on, trying to meet the 5K milestone that will set me free 
I read the minds of people I meet on the trail; they are all unique 

Some are thinking about their livelihood while others are musing about dinner
Others are worried about their children in school and how to safeguard their days

I wish I could touch their hands to read their vibrations more thoroughly
I greet and smile at people whose vibes are positive; they respond lovingly.


I hear the drumbeats of distant lands as my mother practices classical dance
Everything blends, hands, feet, eyes, rhythms merge in ethereal harmony

I am enthralled by streaming movies, the bond between humans and animals is immeasurable

The chirping of birds ceases in the backyard, the rose bush folds its petals and the streetlights dim
My mother drives me to the temple, and we sit in the parking lot to send healing prayers for all humanity

I start praying that tomorrow will be another magical day filled with exciting adventures from dawn to dusk
Tomorrow could also be a new beginning… A World without the pandemic.

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7 Responses

  1. Beautiful open beingness!
    This touches me in that place of recognition. These words inspire profound compassion and joy.

  2. Thank you for writing, Rishi. I read it to John and we enjoyed sharing in a bit of your world. We will be so happy when we can get together again!! Love from sandy and John scherer

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