Free eBook for Your Autistic Kids: Rest Easy My Love

Book cover that reads Rest Easy My Love a bedtime book to be read in the daytime. book for autistic kids children with autism asd on the spectrum

Lockdowns, broken routines, no child care, school being cancelled, and the stress of uncertain times during a pandemic is causing a lot of anxiety for parents and children.

Having more kids in the house than is typical at once, not having any down time, trying to manage the age difference between kids who are used to playing with same-age peers– these things are challenging to maneuver.

I wrote this book hoping that it would help our neurodivergent children– autistic, ADHD, SPD, and more– better understand that they don’t always need to win, or be perfect, or have things go exactly as planned in order to be at peace with them and even to enjoy them.

Some resources and some experiences are not rationed, and they can rest easy that there will always be enough. You are free to download, print, and share this book with anyone you think may enjoy it. To download to your device, click the save icon in the scroll bar at the bottom.

If for any reason the book below isn’t loading, you can download it here.

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  1. And if your teachers label you as clever, and make all the grown-ups think iit does matter to win and succeed all the tine, and make aggressive predictions that you will succeed at hard challenges, they are doing a massive evil to you and it’s good to fail them to fight for the right to have easy rest at all.

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