Image features three notes which read love yourself to say that when you are autistic and different you can find self-love and self-care even if society has stigma and negative messaging and ableism for people on the spectrum autism spectrum disorders asperger's aspie

Ask Myk: On Self-Love in an Ableist World

The first of a bi-monthly column with Myk, this article explores the concept of loving yourself despite the ableism in social messaging about autistic people.

COVID19: A Summer of Reasonable Expectations

Russell anticipated and prepared for the pandemic weeks before everyone else. Things were going well until anxiety dissolved his routine. His healthy eating, meditation, creative outlets, and even his hygiene were lost as he spent days at a time in bed.

Four Words: You Need to Change

Beginning when he was young, and throughout is life, John was told that he needed to change. This forced him to resent and feel ashamed of being autistic. Here’s how he found the soil to grow in the light of acceptance.

Mindfulness in the Spiraling World of COVID-19

The world right now is uncertain, but the truth is that the world has always been uncertain. Our ability to cope with whatever life brings is centered in our own ability to engage in measured and healthy ways.

Autism and Quarantine

People assume that autistics will do well in quarantine and isolation, but it’s causing distress and suffering for many. Here’s how to support autistic loved ones through this international pandemic of COVID 19, or corona virus.

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