Autistic In the Workplace: How Employers Can Get It Right


It can be hard for employers to know how to accommodate autistic employees in the workplace. In this presentation, Autistic Science Lady gives insight and advice to employers and how they can be proactive in helping autistic employees succeed in the workplace. Topics included are disclosure, sensory sensitivities, and alexithymia.


  • Who can be autistic? (anyone)
  • Why are functioning labels bad? (they are)
  • How do autistic people experience the world differently?
  • Why is it difficult for autistic people to know whether to disclose?
  • How do alexithymia and sensory needs impact job interviews?
  • Practical and proactive things that employers can implement to actively welcome and include autistic people.
  • How does neurotypical bias create barriers in the hiring process for autistic people?

Slide: “Rude, unfriendly? or just autistic? This is what autistic people have to worry about if they do not disclose (or even if they do).”

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