Work and Careers

How to Deal with Workplace Bullying

David Chin is an autistic elder who has experienced bullying in multiple contexts over the span of decades. His experience taught him how to advocate effectively against workplace bullying.

Autistic people and the fear of death

David Gray-Hammond links the systemic factors that contribute autistic insomnia to the pervasive fear of death many of us experience.

the neuroclastic red wing logo with a white stamp that reads approved to signal that the job board has been approved

Announcement: NeuroClastic Job Board Funded and Moving Forward!

NeuroClastic board member Marcia Eckard has collected information on thousands of opportunities for autistic job seekers. We have the vision, you made the donation, and now we are building our job board with a talented autistic web developer.

White person in suit at work looking at robot touching them while holding a ruler.

$5 Million Grant Awarded to Make Autistic People Mask in Job Interviews

They mention creating a “coaching process” using artificial intelligence, as if autistic people haven’t been “coached” enough into neurotypicality. Unfortunately, our entire lives are made up of neurotypical “coaching.” We often in fact, receive too much coaching in how to act or generally exist among other people.

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