NeuroClastic, Inc. Autistic Services, Initiatives, and Endorsements

You can help NeuroClastic change, divergently! Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!

NeuroClastic is hard at work on a variety of projects dedicated to the needs of autistic people and other neurodivergent communities. Our unique initiatives and services are woven together through collaborations with community groups, autistic advocates, and other non-profit organizations. We also endorse several groups with a shared vision of supportive education, communication, and advocacy.

Our community is powered through support from people like you. You can partner with us here to improve the lives of neurodivergent people everywhere.

NeuroClastic Initiatives

100 Days of Acceptance – This is the definitive book and tool for newly diagnosed autistic people, with an emphasis on autistic children, their families, and caregivers. It contains useful definitions, descriptions of behaviors, co-occurring conditions, tips for advocating for children, along with many other resources. It’s the only guide written by autistic people for autistic people to understand their first 100 days after diagnosis – and beyond.

Autistic Employment Center – Autistic people have much higher rates of unemployment than the general population. To help reverse that trend, we are building an interactive map and directory of  businesses, programs, internships, coaching, and non-profit organizations that are working to boost ND employment. This unique tool is backed by the most comprehensive data set of its kind, allowing researchers to craft more inclusive public policies.

Autistic Experience Screening Tool – A psychological assessment that leads with and understands the autistic experience, this tool replaces outdated “deficit” tests for autism. For a more complete experience, phenomenology (what is this behavior?) is emphasized instead of pathology (what is not normal?).

Sensory Profile Service – This sensory assessment helps people better navigate the world inside of and around them, providing an interactive pathway to personal wellness. It is guided by understanding sensory systems, how the brain interprets information from sensory systems, and what the brain does (or doesn’t do!) with that information.

The Autistic English Dictionary – In order to be comprehensible to autistic people, the English language needs to be updated with explicit definitions of the continuously shifting unspoken semantics that neurotypical people attach to specific words and phrases. The editors of this dictionary are directly advancing the autistic civil rights movement by counteracting “truth dysfunction” in non-autistic people.

Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!
Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!

Guide for Safe & Inclusive Advocacy – What is “advocacy” and what is it not? An autistic person is not always or even usually an autistic advocate. Collecting wisdom from throughout the community, this article-series-turned-guide provides tips for autistic advocates actively working towards improving conditions for autistic people. 

ND Montessori – The Montessori approach is based on respect for children’s autonomy, self-determination, and abundant natural curiosity. It can be a great way to help children realize their potential and build on their own strengths and interests. NeuroClastic’s ND Montessori includes new Montessori-inspired read-along sessions, DIY activities, resources, and boredom busters to work with neurodivergent children.

Autistic Addiction Resources – Many people face the complexities of recovery from addiction, but it is compounded by neurodivergence. Despite the prevalence of drug and alcohol use in the autistic community, the topic of addiction remains mostly unaddressed. This collection of resources helps autistic people find support and treatment adapted to their needs, which typically are not met by traditional peer support groups.

Communication Resources – Autistic kids often begin to speak at a later stage than their peers, requiring support with their development of speech and language. Access to speech and language services is not always available, especially in rural areas. This guide helps families find the proper tools for personal communication development of autistic children.

NeuroClastic Has an Article for That – This social learning group on Facebook takes NeuroClastic’s mission to the masses by providing a positive and supportive space to discover what it means to be autistic. Ask for advice on a range of autism-related topics from the membership of 13,000+ professionals, contributors, advocates, and fellow autistic folks.

Black and white closeup of a handshake between two people. Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!
Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!

NeuroClastic Collaborations

Understanding the Autistic Mind Notebook – A collaboration with Autismo: Mi Cerebro Atipico, this series of notebooks explains our unique minds, describes overload and its causes, and shows why autistic characteristics should not be pathologized. Volume 1 is currently available in Spanish and English, with Volume 2 in the works.

Our Golden Moment – As a group, the autistic community has struggled to be heard, to be seen, to be accommodated, to be accepted, and to feel like we have the space to be our authentic selves.  Our Golden Moment is a chance for us to unite our voice, be respectfully disruptive, and bring into light the need for more dialog between our world and the non-autistic world

Shine On Max – 13-year-old Max Benson, an autistic student, was restrained by teachers at his school and died in the hospital the next day from his injuries. NeuroClastic and International Coalition Against Restraint & Seclusion (ICARS) collaborate on this annual vigil, shining a light to expose and end restraint and seclusion practices.

Person smiling, with two thumbs up, standing in front of a wall with colorful wings and halo. Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!
Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!

NeuroClastic Endorsements

We are working on a variety of projects with these organizations. Stay tuned for future announcements!

Reach Every Voice Reach Every Voice is dedicated to providing enriching learning environments and engaging activities for kids with non-traditional methods of communication.

ICARSThe International Coalition Against Restraint & Seclusion works to end death, physical and mental abuse, and PTSD caused by restraint and seclusion.

NeuroGuidesNeuroGuides provides life coaching for autistic and other neurodivergent adults worldwide. They work closely with autistic individuals to help them better navigate social situations, find jobs matching their individual strengths and skills, build self-advocacy skills and obtain appropriate accommodations. 

One Tall Tree PressOne Tall Tree Press is a small, autistic-run, independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction books written by autistic and other neurodivergent writers. Their focus is to bring books to the forefront which break tropes, push boundaries, and represent fresh views in literature.

A Zaney LifeA Zaney Life seeks to improve the lives of people who experience complex sensory processing and communication challenges.

Aut CollabAut Collab is a community that welcomes all individuals and groups who fully appreciate the value of neurodiversity. If you are looking for an index of collaborative autistic people and neurodivergent ventures, you have come to the right place. Aut Collab acts as a hub for mutual support, and encourages neurodivergent individuals and ventures to connect and establish long-term collaborations.


Thank you for your support!

Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!
NeuroClastic: Change Divergently. Our autistic community is powered through support from people like you. Partner with us now!
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  1. So very cool that NC is doing all this great work! This did leave me wondering, however, how NC is utilizing its donations given so many ongoing projects. I would find it interesting to see a pie chart of how the previous year’s donations were allocated or, alternatively, projections for how NC anticipated making use of funds in this year, or both. Great article!

    1. Andi, that’s a really important question. As a non-profit, we are obligated to report a lot of that information. The donations last year (mostly tips on Ko-fi) helped us to obtain 501(c)(3) status a few months ago. Now that we’re “official”, we have started planning how to access bigger chunks of funds and how to use them to serve our communities better.

  2. Hi,
    Awesome work! We’ve just launched The Neurogifted Project in India to fight the stigma surrounding the subject, create awareness and a platform to support neurodivergents gain access to career opportunities. We’re also looking to collaborate and learn from experiences across the world.

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