I am an enigma. Born a spectrum baby, raised an artist and daydreamer. US Veteran, Federal employee in the Behavioral Health field. Lover of life and curious of the individual struggle and how it guides the flow of Society.

Poetry: Sometimes Words Hurt

Sometimes, words are catastrophic. This poem is a collage of the messages that autistic people receive all the time.

Poetry: Who I Know Myself to Be

I am a dark cloud looking to unburden the weight of my tears amongst the whole of society, in a desperate attempt to wash away the vices that burden the whole.

Poetry: How Do You Know?

Who can change the tesseract that engulfs us towards doom?
Who has all the answers, who can say what life means?
Worst of all, how do you know?

POETRY: The Moon’s Lunacy

Too bold and too brazen, set sunlit clouds of envious hues They form and dither without recollect of heart’s healing

POETRY: The Maker and His Folly

There once was a stone Maker, Of eponymous resolve, Through every creative endeavor, Had a conundrum to solve.

Poetry: Do You Hate Me?

Do you hate me because I have the unique ability to question my surroundings objectively without superstition to cloud my judgement? Do you hate me

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