Poetry: Who I Know Myself to Be

I am the opposition to the sorrow and regret that poisons this world. I am a dark cloud looking to unburden the weight of my tears amongst the whole of society, in a desperate attempt to wash away the vices that burden the whole.

I am the frightened and enraged fire, licking at the wounds of injustice and fighting to stay ignited in the winds of change. I am hope, that many can be inspired by my passion; my dreams. I represent the true intentions of the imaginative heart, for it is in the heart that all true intentions burn bright. Unlock your heart and your mind will follow. Be not burdened by frustration or anxiety. Be lifted by your will to succeed and feed that success to the masses so that they too may reap the benefits of their own value. I am Love, a crusader of good will and unimaginable honor. With that said, who do you know yourself to be?

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