Ben Breaux

Ben Breaux
Ben Breaux is a 21 year old nonspeaking autistic with epilepsy from Northern VA. In addition for passions for writing and advocacy, Ben likes to say "I love music, math, and cheese!" Ben has written many articles for numerous autism advocacy groups worldwide and is a proud representative for his community on several advocacy boards and committees, both in the state of VA and nationally. He is currently working towards getting a full High School diploma via "A2A", an online academic and support program for Alternative Learners. Ben strives to show the world that an intellectual disability will not hold him back. He is an aspiring journalist with big aspirations to come. He feels it is very important that non, minimal and unreliably speaking autistics have equal rights, opportunities and voices in society and shares his beliefs and impressions on his public Facebook Page, "Ben B. - My Own Words: Reflections of a Nonspeaking Autistic" and just recently on TikTok @benbnonspeakingautistic. Benjamin loves having fun and spending time with his beloved friends, family and "Team".
This image is for nonspeaking autistic author Ben Breaux's review of the film, The Reason I jump. The image features six photos from the film of the different autistic characters in the movie

REVIEW: The Reason I Jump – An Unusual Film With a Very Important Message

Ben Breaux, nonspeaking autistic advocate and author, reviewed the award-winning film, The Reason I Jump, an adaptation of Naoki Higashida’s best-selling memoir of the same title. Breaux interviewed several members of the cast and crew to pen this critically-important and profoundly-insightful analysis of the film.

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