Announcement: Understanding Autism Through The Autistic Lens – Virtual Conference

Penn State is hosting an #ActuallyAutistic conference through their TRIO training academy which focuses on equity in educational settings.

You’ll hear from lots of people you recognize in advocacy, including:

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Autism from Autistics
  • Integrating Indigenous Knowledge with Modern Supports
  • Forget Behavior: Understanding Autistic Cognition
  • Reframe Your Language, Reframe Your Practice: Autonomous Over Independent
  • Autism and a Framework for Evolving Empathy
  • Autistics Parenting Autistics
  • Autistic Representation in Media
  • Destigmatizing Stimming: Understanding & Embracing Autistic Self-Regulation
  • Autistic Communication and Masking
  • Let Them Be (Autistic) Kids
  • Autistic People and Addiction
  • Are NonSpeaking and Not-Thinking Synonyms?
  • Understanding Apraxia in Autistics and Challenging Stereotypes

Registration for this three-day event, from October 19-21, is optionally $19.99 or FREE, so that no one is excluded from being an audience member.

Click here to view Penn State’s Facebook event.

Register for the event here.

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2 Responses

  1. I’m really looking forward to this! I’ve shared it with family, too – both me and my son are Autistic.

    Just a word of warning to non-US attendees – there isn’t a PayPal option so although I was willing to pay the registration fee and donate to the event, I couldn’t.

    If there is a way to donate that doesn’t require a US credit card or cheque, could that information be shared?

    This event is getting a lot of interest in Autistic communities worldwide, my UK therapist told me about it.

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