Video: Introducing the ND Montessori!

Parents are looking for alternatives to harmful behavioral therapies and for insight into how to support the healthy social, emotional, and academic development of their children.

The Montessori approach, which is based on respect for children’s autonomy, self-determination, and abundant natural curiosity, can be a great way to help your children realize their potential and build on their own strengths and interests.

Since so many are homeschooling and self-quarantined, we are going to bring you Montessori-inspired read alongs, DIYs, activities, resources, and boredom busters so that you can have new tools to work with the assets of your neurodivergent children.

Miss Madison is a neurodivergent Montessori teacher and Ms. Brittney is an autistic early childhood educator, and this video introduces the ND Montessori. On our team, we have psychologists, teachers, social workers, OTs, SLPs, music therapists, parents, and other support professionals who will be helping to support the creation of lots of resources to help you support your children– and the best part is that they’re all autistic, too!

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2 Responses

  1. Right on! My experience as an (undiagnosed) autistic kid in Montessori in the 70s was so positive. Great to have the connection shown between ND and progressive early childhood pedagogy. I’d bet Maria Montessori was an autist! : )

    1. I don’t know if she was, but I know that she was a doctor who originally developed her methods to teach developmentally disabled children. The reason a lot of ND ppl thrive in montessori education is that in montessori, inclusion isnt an afterthought – it’s baked right into it

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