My Problem with Autistic Meltdowns: Part Two

Autistic meltdowns have made me a better person. It’s strange to frame it like this, but it’s true. I’ve come to a place where I am grateful for them, and I welcome them into my home.

a watercolor of rainbow paint with an infinity symbol how to tell an autistic child with autism on the spectrum about being autistic having autism

How Do I Tell My Autistic Child About Autism?

Parents aren’t always sure how to tell their children about autism and that they are autistic. While everyone’s approach will be different, here’s some tips about where to start.

Video: Introducing the ND Montessori!

Parents are looking for better ways than ABA to support the healthy social, academic, and emotional development of their autistic and otherwise neurodivergent children. Enter the ND Montessori!

Advice for Raising NeuroDivergent Children

Here’s how to stop engaging your autistic child in fruitless power struggles and how to engage their natural desire to help others for a better, more peaceful relationship.

So, you want to Autism Level UP!? …Game on!

We often advocate for people to move beyond awareness to acceptance, but Dr. Amy Laurent and Dr. JÂcqûelyn Fede teach you how to go further and Autism Level UP!

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