Poetry: Trending #MeToo

Me too in puberty. Me too in college. Me too at the office. Me too after marriage.

Me too by a stranger at a zebra crossing. Me too by an old man on the bus. Me too by a teenager on the road. Me too by a hot, over-achiever boyfriend in a room.

Me too have multiple victims in the family. Me too know many others suffering with the apathy. Me too saw it happening to a friend. Me too didn’t know while it was happening to a friend.

Me too when wearing a tight top. Me too when riding a bicycle at dusk. Me too when alone in a room with the boyfriend. Me too despite the warnings and the instinctive fear.

Me too blamed some victims. Me too warned some victims. Me too stood watching silently. Me too asked some to be silent.

Me too didn’t believe it for long. Me too felt helpless and powerless for long. Me too cried for long. Me too felt rage and vengence for long.

Me too scared to be pitied. Me too scared for being judged as foolish and whorish. Me too wanted to hide. Me too wanted to die.

Me too carried my baggage into a lovely marriage. Me too fought ’til I dropped to make peace with my past. Me too don’t want to teach my teenage self it’s part of life. Me too must teach her to be stronger than me.

Me too want them to know we are not weak. Me too want them to know it’s ok to be weak. Me too want them to know it’s not yuck to be like me. Me too want them to say #metoo, I need help, you see.

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