The Joy of Communication

I am becoming independent on a letterboard. Currently it is held for me, but it is getting flatter so that eventually I will be able to spell independently.

Spelling artfully allows me to demonstrate my intelligence and means I can access an education that is suitable for me so that I am fulfilled at school as opposed to bored to tears. I love to learn about everything and particularly enjoy Latin with my Dad. He enjoys learning with me and together we progress really quickly.

I love to surprise people who visit me at school. People make assumptions about me based on me being non-speaking and having movement difficulties. I love to see their faces when I start to spell. Everyone who watches me spell is impressed. They love to watch me so that they can tell their friends about me. I love it.

I love communicating with my friends. I like to tell them jokes which really make them giggle. Communication makes my life fantastic, and I have never been happier.

Communication allows me to express my inner feelings about my life and my hopes for the future. It allows me to have relationships with others and to develop friendships. I love to communicate my thoughts to “H,” my best friend. He tells me how much he likes me all the time and how much I make him laugh.

Everyone should have the chance to learn to communicate like me.

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