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Autism and Meltdowns: One Autistic Woman’s Journey

Lauren Melissa had no idea what was happening to her when she would dissolve into rage, confusion, or even blacking out. Once she was finally diagnosed as autistic, she had the self-knowledge to take control.

So, you want to Autism Level UP!? …Game on!

We often advocate for people to move beyond awareness to acceptance, but Dr. Amy Laurent and Dr. JÂcqûelyn Fede teach you how to go further and Autism Level UP!

A group of girls, standing outside, bullying a young adult woman by calling her out.

Call-Out Culture and Learned Helplessness

It is those who seize power and control via their continued privileges who often become the spokespeople of a given minority group. Call-out culture needs to be called out because it has become a tool of oppressors.

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