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Poetry: I can’t believe

The knowledge of being autistic and engaging with the autistic community has restored my faith in my intuition. This poem describes the dialogue I wish to have with those who advise me against my intuition.

A communal definition of Autistic ways of being

Jorn Bettin, in collaboration with the autistic community, has come up with a communal definition of autism. We ask that you use the comment section below to let us know what ideas you have to improve this definition.

POETRY: The Moon’s Lunacy

Too bold and too brazen, set sunlit clouds of envious hues They form and dither without recollect of heart’s healing

POETRY: The Maker and His Folly

There once was a stone Maker, Of eponymous resolve, Through every creative endeavor, Had a conundrum to solve.

Poetry: Counterfeit Menagerie

Creative writing in the form of freeverse poetry. An autistic portrayal of what lies behind the mask.

Poetry: The Relativity of Necessity

What are we really saying when we say, “Oh well,” “nevermind,” “I can do without it,” or “forget I ever mentioned it. A poetic exploration.

Poetry: Arson Season

It hurts to hold this hissing light.
Sears the skin.
Leaves ugly scars.
Where it tears with acrid claws.

Poetry: Forayer

An autistic marauder finds more than contentment in nature.

Poetry: Encounter

Feel my gaze as a wild thing’s nearby attention— when you meet it, be gentle. My burrow is close, to hide me from sudden strangers.

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