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Poem: They Called Me a Vulture

When Leza was bullied for standing up for survivors of sexual abuse, they turned the abuse on its head by forging a symbolic connection with an oft-maligned but useful animal, the vulture.

A pair of hands hold a conductor's wand as if directing a symphony

Chains, a Poem by Elyana Ren

Thinks in poetry, lives in prose Dreams in colors she cannot understand The music of her words is lost In the starts and stops of

Poem: SSR Island

It’s my island, mine alone, so I’m alone. Singing to myself and the sea. With equally endless ever-churning fractal blacks above and below me. And

Poem: Anomaly

You are an anomaly;A nebula, the birth-place of light and wonder.Your glow is widespread and beyond reach. They will call you a rarity.They will ask

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