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Autism in Mainstream Education: A Survivor’s Story

This is what it was like being autistic (albeit not knowing it at the time) and attending public school with no accommodations or support, at least not that which would have done me any good.

Neurodivergent in a Neurotypical Narrative

Anxious people don’t need to be thrown into the metaphorical lion’s den to be cured of their anxiety. What we do need is to be listened to, respected, cared for and about…

Why Autistic Women Seem Two-Faced

I consider myself a person of integrity, someone who always tries to do the right thing, sometimes taking agonising and soul-searching mental paths just to

Autism Has Always Driven Progress

The history of humanity is orthodoxy fighting advancement. And losing. Every time. Because the fact is, without innovative thinkers, without the people who see the

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