NeuroClastic Partners with BLM 757 for Suicide Prevention Week #NoDejahVu #SelfieForSuicidePrevention

September 6-12 is Suicide Prevention Week, and NeuroClastic is announcing a campaign in partnership with Black Lives Matter, to bring awareness and practical tools every day this week to aid in suicide prevention.

This means that we will be having conversations about how to find help, how to recognize warning signs in your loved ones, factors that contribute to suicidal ideation like bullying, trauma, and addiction, and the intersectional issues which make marginalized populations more vulnerable to suicide.

We will also publish articles every day from different perspectives to build that awareness and help people with tools to self-advocate and seek help.


This is Dejah with her cousin,the Black Lives Matter 757 president, Japharii Jones. Dejah was only 14 when she took her life after experiencing bullying.

Her beautiful smile and her life mattered, and those who loved her will forever miss her Light. And, like all the grieving loved ones who have lost someone to suicide, they will forever mourn by thinking of ways that this tragedy could have been prevented.

In honor of Dejah, whose Light was a blessing to this world and who would have appreciated efforts to help heal our hurting society, we are going to talk about grassroots and interpersonal ways that we can help those in our periphery find healing and support.

Let us try to change our policies, our culture, our attitudes, and our information sources so that we can avoid being in this place again to help those who are hurting find the stigma-free, judgement free support they need to move forward.

We are also carefully vetting resources and will publish those resources this week so they are in one place. If you have recommendations for helpful resources, please let us know in the comments.

Please join NeuroClastic and BLM757’s campaign to spread awareness and healing by taking a selfie and tagging it #SelfieForSuicidePrevention and #NoDejahVu.

How to participate in five easy steps:

  1. Take a selfie and post it to social media (or, post a picture of an avatar or image that represents you if you are uncomfortable posting a selfie)
  2. Hashtag your post with #NoDejahVu and #SelfieForSuicidePrevention
  3. Use your social media to have conversations about reducing the stigma around mental health, bullying, your own personal experience, what gave you hope in your darkest hours, or how you are willing and able to support the loved ones in your life who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts
  4. Tag a few friends whose wise insight, non-judgemental attitude, and kind heart make them a great candidate for starting difficult conversations about suicide
  5. Link to this post or copy and paste these steps into your post

You can also tag @BLM757 and @NeuroClastic if you’d like us to consider reposting your #SelfieForSuicidePrevention #NoDejahVu.

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One Response

  1. Dejah Jones was bullied by a group of girls at her high school who even jumped her. This meanness obviously didn’t have to happen to a 14 yr. old Freshman and what now –– after a distraught youngster has ended her own life?

    Such a tragedy.

    Terra: This could become an interesting and perhaps stressful week at NEUROCLASTIC when focusing on preventing Suicide.
    Not easy at all…

    Carbon Bridge

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