VIDEO: NeuroClastic Voices from Around the World on Autistic Pride

NeuroClastic presented live at this year’s Autistic Pride Alliance event.

Overwhelmingly, representation about what it means to be autistic comes from white, speaking, hearing autistics from the US, UK, and Canada. All autistic people should fight to be heard until it isn’t a fight anymore, but all autistics should fight to ensure that everyone is heard.

NeuroClastic exists because it is a privilege to have a platform, and no one should be without a platform and that all intersections of autistic identity are represented, heard, and accommodated.

Here is the video our contributors have put together. Make sure you have captions on (US – English). [ Links to social media accounts of video contributors coming soon ]

Special thanks to Sumayya Hassan for doing so much work to make sure this video was ready in time, captioned, and included everyone.

And the Autistic Pride Alliance stream

Check us out, with hosts David Gray-Hammond, Jules Edwards, and Mariah Person and a special video with contributors from around the world.


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3 Responses

  1. If doing this because it gives the campaign a platform, okay: platforms need grabbing when they are there. But be clear not to endorse Autistic Pride Day by it.
    Rejected lives matter, that fact is innate to defending any minority from structural oppression. Autistic Pride Day was invented by rejecters, by the notoriously purge-happy and deservedly imploded Aspies For Freedom cult, hence is equally as toxic as Autism Speaks for us to touch.

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