More Accessible Version of the Guide for Navigating Autistic Minds

Many people left feedback that The Guide for Navigating Autistic Minds was visually overstimulating or difficult to read with the grid lines in the background, the small font sizes, and the tightly-packed content, especially for those reading on cell phones.

So, we have created an English language version of The Guide, which can be downloaded below or by clicking here. We have also updated the original post with a link to this version.

Our many thanks go out to the community for your feedback and support.

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8 Responses

  1. this is amazing!! (i’m self-identified autistic in progress of getting evaluated with autistic son. I’m also ADHD.) The comic above i have literally done and kept myself up for hours thinking about random things. And the senses section- I just realized i love the smell of “warm.” Smell and Temperature are my strongest senses (probably why I’m super sensitive to 1 degree changes). And in the last month I have had a lot hyper focusing occur. Thank you so much for this!

  2. Love the PDF.
    Unfortunately, some of the numbered points (p26-p34) are duplicated.

    1. Yes – it is much more accessible and less overloading.

      [I looked at the original last Wednesday night and I thought it was super].

      I saw that on pages 31 and 32 in particular, Allan!

      Wondered if it was a master page or something that had to be mirrored.

  3. Usually I just read and lurk around this website without commenting, but this time I had to crawl out from under my rock:

    Eternal gratitude to everyone who worked on this!!!

    It has all the words I couldn’t grasp to explain to my loved ones and the experts what life feels like. And it’s all neatly together.
    I’m sharing this with them and will endlessly refer to it when I’m overwhelmed and can’t say what’s wrong.
    It even has many examples I’ve experienced which over the years had gotten lost on the corkboard…
    (and this version is a lot easier to process indeed)

    If you ever feel down about advocating: it helps! it truly helps!

  4. Firstly, I don’t identify with all of these things, and some of them cross over into other issues. Like social interaction is not that overwhelming for me and most of them is in the past.

    Secondly, how can I deal with other peoples stims that could bother me (ex. if someone sniff my hair and I find that EXTRA creepy)?

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