#CoronaVirus: All the Dead are Victims of Ableism

If this virus had hit “healthy and productive” young people hard, action would have been taken.

You know how it is, because it is history: when you’re “a burden,” you’re disposable. For this society (which is so irrational, ignorant, and cowardly) this attitude of disposability applies to the elderly, sick, and disabled.

Do you think I am rude? Do I use adjectives that are too harsh? Too exaggerated?

Believe me, they’re fair adjectives.

They ignore the fact that none of these situations are alien to them. Sooner or later we’ll all need our asses wiped.

The cowardly refuse to put themselves in the shoes of the one who is already in that place because nothing terrifies them more than to admit that all this could happen to them, too.

They irrationally want to believe that if you do that magic dance and parrot the infallible mantras you will never need each other, and you will never lose your privileges.

Behind every person who dies in this pandemic (as a result of a country which refused to go into quarantine), there are a thousand voices that said it wasn’t that bad, that it wasn’t justified to risk a little bit of everyone’s pocket to save their lives. Those voices are complicit, whether intentionally or not.

“This old man… he’s lived his life.”
“He’s already sick… he’s still going to die.”

Realize this: There is no formula that guarantees that this situation could not be yours tomorrow. We are all potential “burdens.”

None of this is something that happens to someone because they “deserve it.” It is not something that happens to you because you are less human, less good, less perfect, less important, or less valuable.

I wish with all my heart that this pandemic will leave us at least one (I’ll settle for one) good lesson:

“We need each other… tomorrow it’s your turn.”

Ableism touches us all. If you don’t make the rights of the disabled your own, tomorrow it will kill you.


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