Bárbara Herrán Salcedo / Autista Construyendo

Bárbara Herrán Salcedo / Autista Construyendo
I am an autistic activist and advocate, 42 years old, Latin American, specifically from Peru. I studied Organizational Communication. I am an administrator and collaborator for Autismo: Mi cerebro atípico. Member of the Advisory Committee and writer for NeuroClastic. I manage the community project Understanding the Autistic Mind, and I write about my own autistic experience in my personal blog: Autista Construyendo on Facebook.

Neurotypical People Are Not Trash

“Neuronormativity” means that being neurotypical is the only regular, natural, and valid way to think, feel, behave, and communicate.

Autism and Quarantine

People assume that autistics will do well in quarantine and isolation, but it’s causing distress and suffering for many. Here’s how to support autistic loved ones through this international pandemic of COVID 19, or corona virus.

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