Poetry: Arson Season

It hurts to hold this hissing light.
Sears the skin.
Leaves ugly scars.
Where it tears with acrid claws.

Poetry: Annoying Noises

An autistic exploration of the sounds of the world in the form of a humorous sestina, a type of poem that follows a pattern of repetition.

Shoes on water, with only the sillhouette of a person standing in the reflection.

Poetry: Autism Is Invisible

Autism is invisible. The autism was invisible When I said the TV was too loud. The autism was invisible When I asked why people say

Poetry: Forayer

An autistic marauder finds more than contentment in nature.

Poetry: Encounter

Feel my gaze as a wild thing’s nearby attention— when you meet it, be gentle. My burrow is close, to hide me from sudden strangers.

Poetry: Away and Apart

A powerful poem about imagination, the value of solitude, the experience of nature, and the separation between an autistic and the rest of society.

Poem: They Called Me a Vulture

When Leza was bullied for standing up for survivors of sexual abuse, they turned the abuse on its head by forging a symbolic connection with an oft-maligned but useful animal, the vulture.

Poetry: Unmasking As Autistic Pride

in the world we live in,we are told the following thingsoverand overand overagain: “get up.” “try harder.” “use your words.” “speak louder.” “stop whining.” “you’re

A pair of hands hold a conductor's wand as if directing a symphony

Chains, a Poem by Elyana Ren

Thinks in poetry, lives in prose Dreams in colors she cannot understand The music of her words is lost In the starts and stops of

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