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Poetry: Autism Is Invisible

Autism is invisible. The autism was invisible When I said the TV was too loud. The autism was invisible When I asked why people say

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What Autistic Pride Means to Me

Today is Autistic Pride Day. It is a day to celebrate and embrace who you are as an autistic person and to be yourself without

A guy holding up a poster in front of their face with a sad emoticon on it, while holding their phone.

No, Really, I’m Fine (on Alexithymia)

Alexithymia has never been so thoroughly or thoughtfully defined in all the ways it affects a person who can’t feel exactly how it affects them.

Poetry: Unmasking As Autistic Pride

in the world we live in,we are told the following thingsoverand overand overagain: “get up.” “try harder.” “use your words.” “speak louder.” “stop whining.” “you’re

10 Reasons We Need Autistic Pride

NeuroDivergent Rebel Christa Holmans writes about Autistic Pride Day is about more than just pride. It’s about being proud in spite of all the messaging

The Accidental Autistic

World-renowned neurotypical advocate to autistic persons, J David Hall, realizes that he himself is autistic and chronicles unpacking that truth.

Why Autistic Women Seem Two-Faced

I consider myself a person of integrity, someone who always tries to do the right thing, sometimes taking agonising and soul-searching mental paths just to

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