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Autism and Gender

Grasping the unique relationship between autistic people and their genders is an essential component of understanding the autistic experience.

What CAN be misunderstood WILL be misunderstood

…energy on creating large number of shallow “relationships.” This strategy is essential for survival and for keeping sane. Investing in relationships allows the incremental construction of shared context, and it…

Why I’m Not a High-Functioning Autistic

“We have now arrived at the ultimate falsehood of high-functioning autism: what this label really means is that you have high outside functioning.  I am excellent at pretending to be someone I am not.”

On Autistic Facial Expression and Being A Woman

When Greta Thunberg began to take the stage as an autistic climate change activist, the world took notice. My reaction was one of powerful pride, not just as an autistic adult, but as a former autistic girl. Here was an articulate, passionate, brilliant girl unfocused on fame and fashion, who wasn’t going to let the weight of the NT world crush her or keep her from speaking out!

Be Yourself: How Do You Do It?

Be yourself… What does that mean? How do you know when you are not yourself? What are the steps you can take to be yourself?

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