I was diagnosed as autistic on my 54th birthday. I describe myself as a Creative Technologist. No job description I have ever seen really captures what I have to offer. I'm an avid (some would say obsessive) runner. I like bears. I wonder sometimes about the pros and cons of self-identifying as ursine, but worry that I would end up in a zoo, or hunted. You can read more of my writing at https://www.zenmasterbear.net

Autistic Communication Is a Feature, not a Bug

Don’t think of inclusion as helping us get by in the structures built by and for ‘not us,’ rather think of how you can help us change the structure so that it is ours as much as it is yours.

The NHS, COVID-19, and Autism

Daniel Maskit explores the NHS response– or lack thereof– to the COVID19 pandemic and how it affects autistic people.

Daniel Maskit, an autistic man, stands on a TedX Talk stage and gives a speech about autism

Writing About Talking About Communicating When Autistic

I think that everyone who is autistic has wanted at times to get a group of neurotypical people to listen while you explain to them what being autistic is really like. From that perspective, being able to give a TedX talk was a bit of a fantasy come to life. 

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