The Autistic OT

The Autistic OT
Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez is an autistic occupational therapist, advocate, and parent. In her spare time, she likes to infodump about sensory processing, stim with Hozier, and rewatch Firefly for the millionth time. Check her page on FaceBook.

My Neurotypical Friend Meg

In order for non-Autistic people to communicate effectively with Autistics, they have to adjust to our passion, our authenticity, and our need for room to express ourselves in our language.

The Neurotypical Obsession with Time

“Routines, for me, are based on the experience of something. The completion of something. The beginning of something. Time is a structural barrier to these experiences.”

Day of Kindness April 1, 2020: How To Get Involved

This April, autistics are claiming the narrative for Autism Acceptance Month. On April 1, we’re doing something different. Acts of kindness instead of pranks. #AutisticGold #RedInstead

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