I'm Johnny Profane. 66. Pretend Rock Star… Cuz it's ALL cosplay. I was born before autism was invented... More or less. 1953. Long before autism or Asperger's were widely discussed in medicine or pop culture. That didn't happen til the 70s. I've been here for the WHOLE movie. First, I played That Know-It-All Kid. Then I was a Genius. Til I was a Fairy, Nerd, Spaz, Homo, Geek, Weird, Loner, Schizo, Maniac, Black Sheep, Loser, Ex, Ex, Ex, finally Autist... Been a meditation teacher, cult member, typesetter, editor, magazine publisher, ad agency owner, marketing veep, non-profit activist, 3-time grad student, 3-time husband, homeless, mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor, cult counselor, homeless, singer/songwriter, homeless, fast-food clerk, Pretend Rock Star... I've talked with Bill Gates. Argued with Bill Joy. Touched the Maharishi. Met anonymous geniuses in university cubicles, office bull pens, trailer parks, homeless on the street... So. I have no credentials to offer. At least none that matter anymore to me. So I offer my life. It's all I have left to give.

Selective Mutism: I Have No Mouth. But I Must SCREAM

When spoken language is your primary social survival skill, selective mutism is terrifying to experience. How Johnny Profane ended up with “alcohol abuse” on his record while stone sober.

Confessions Of An Anxiety Junkie

To cope with the increasingly more complicated demands of adult life, Johnny Profane has relied on the adrenaline rush of fear and anxiety to push him into action and get his mind in gear.

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