My stories aren't designed to align with hive-mind expectations. I share them to help other Autistic Individuals learn how to think for themselves while merging our masks https://jbcurtin.io/ https://twitter.com/jbcurtin

A Systematic Approach to Living into My 90s

Using personal experience and science, I was able to self diagnose myself in my early twenties. Finding the average age of an autistic is 36 – 37 years old…I let that sink in for a few months as I started to battle with myself about what I should focus on in the next phase of my life.

Autistic in the Neurotypical Gauntlet

I made my mistakes fully aware there would be a response, and I hoped that response would tell me exactly what was wrong with my communication. It wasn’t you who diagnosed me, it was me who came to you for help without my knowing how to ask you for help.

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