Review: Sensory Trauma: autism, sensory difference and the daily experience of fear

This qualitative exploration helps us understand how a community of parents and professionals all claiming to be focused on the wellbeing of autistics have come to be at such a divide from autistic advocates themselves, delicately unfolding one of the core phenomenological aspects of the autistic experience that has been hidden in plain sight for so many years.

Appreciating Autistic Chosen Families

found family artwork of three orbs with vaguely human silhouettes against a backdrop of space

Having others I can relate to who have both intersecting identities as part of their experience has been extremely helpful in figuring out how I should go forward coping with the challenges both these issues have caused for me.

Our Golden Moment! Five ways to support the autistic community in April

So it’s the first of April and right now the last thing on people’s minds is autism awareness. But that really needs to change, since now during this pandemic we need people to be aware of the needs of disabled and neurodivergent people more than ever. It’s simply a fact that people in the autistic […]

Covid19: Why I believe we should all be anarchists and communalists

I will speak in terms of beliefs, because at the core there is a point where the choice of our political system becomes a matter of philosophy rather than fact. I believe that hierarchies are inherently destructive. Human beings should not organise themselves in top-down orders, but rather operate in a manner that is cooperative […]

How mastering the Vault taught me better advocacy

It doesn’t speak to me about grit or determination or courage or tenacity either, though for some it might. For me it speaks about the importance of understanding that success consists of living, sometimes for excessively tedious amounts of time in a predominant state of failure.