I am a PDA autistic with ADHD, an autistic husband and an autistic son. I am a passionate autistic advocate and my aim is to help to spread awareness, understanding and acceptance of autistics. I live in the UK and, other than writing, enjoy several different craft hobbies (when I have time and my PDA lets me indulge!) and talking our son and our dog to the woods for a meander!

Why Gaming Can Be Good for Autistics

Many parents and partners worry about the autistic loved ones in their lives spending too much time playing games… but gaming can be beneficial for lots of reasons.

Black woman sitting on a couch with her head on her hand while her children run past her.

Here’s to the Mums of Autistic Kids

I cannot speak for fathers, but being a mother is hard work.  It’s not like it is in the movies or the adverts on TV. 

What is Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)?

PDA, or pathological demand avoidance, is a trending topic in neurodiversity. This article explores what is known about it and the debates surrounding PDA.

The Anxiety Demon

When your natural autistic instincts lead you somewhere else than the majority’s instincts lead them, you learn to not trust anything– even yourself.

Black and white picture of black father playfully looking at his toddler through a glass door while crouching.

20 Top Tips for Raising An Autistic Child

Learn from a mother who has been where you are, has jumped through all the hoops of diagnosis and advocacy, and has put in countless hours in research and advocacy.

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