Taylor Linloff is a 25 year old autistic femme (they/she) from Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. After being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2018, they started their work as an autism advocate to help prevent more autistic people from falling through the cracks. Taylor's personal advocacy focuses on the intersections of autistic community, rural life, queer identity, and feminism. Their grassroots work has brought them into the living room televisions and breakfast table newspapers across Canada, and her words are being brought to various levels of Canadian government. Buy Taylor a coffee.

Poetry: And So the Definition of Autism Changed

The history of autism is colored with the social and historical bigotry, racism, sexism, and ableism. Pushes for equity can be seen as effective by looking at the changing definition of autism.

The Most Painful Expression of Love

Grief is the most painful expression of love.
Let us experience that pain in our own way.
Normalize the honest and raw expression of autistic love.

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