Poetry: And So the Definition of Autism Changed

They rounded up the little boys,
Railroad-track straight, with Tonka toys.
Recorded IQs and took notes of eye contact,
But diversity and inclusion rather lacked.
They studied these boys but had no range
And so the definition of autism changed.

They started to blame it all on vaccines,
Due to a doctor who acted by no ethical means.
They swore off medication and the “Big Pharma” game
Because to hunt for a “cure” they needed to blame.
They hated the neurotype, misguided and outraged,
And so the definition of autism changed.

They decided that autism was no good to speak,
So they made an organization that coloured our future bleak.
Greedy hands collect collect profits by spewing vistriolic lies,
And don’t give a damn when one of us
An collection of power and a community estranged,
And so the definition of autism changed.

Autistic girls were all but forgotten,
Autistics of colour were just told their behaviour was rotten.
They simply thought that they did not exist,
So through misdiagnosis and trauma they had to persist.
The system was forced to address and rearrange,
And so the definition of autism changed.

We are taking our existence into our own hands,
Through community activism and plans.
“Nothing about us without us:” our sign and chant,
Because by action, human rights is what they must grant.
Until we are accepted, we shall not disengage,
And so the definition of autism will change.

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