Andrew Wolfheart Sanchez

Andrew Wolfheart Sanchez
I am an Indigenous Blackfoot and Hispanic young Writer who favors free-verse poetry and Haiku, a photographer, and digital abstract artist. I was diagnosed at age 5, then re-diagnosed relatively recently. I struggled most of my life with things I didn't understand were associated with Autism and have dealt with common hardships that came with it. Did my writing help or move you in some way ? Please buy me coffee sometime ! So that I can continue helping others through shared experiences.
closeup of some pieces of paper with the text human rights and stop deportations handwritten in them on a rustic wooden surface

Osime Brown is in Prison for Being Black and Autistic

Osime Brown, a 21 year old Black autistic man, is scheduled to be deported, alone, to Jamaica this month. He has not been there since he was four years and has no support waiting for him.

Poetry: Neurodivergent

If only people knew, if they could understand, would they care? Are they able to see the difference?

Autism: Healing from Trauma in Nature

Wolfheart Sanchez connects to nature as a way to reset his sensory systems and find peace and harmony against the familiar and unassuming expanse of nature.

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