Lauren Melissa Ellzey

Lauren Melissa Ellzey
Lauren Melissa, known across social media as Autienelle, is an autistic advocate and social justice influencer. She seeks to cultivate awareness and acceptance for the actually autistic community through neurodiversity activism. Even more, she actively engages in dialogue across lines of difference, highlighting the inequitable systems that oppress queer and BIPOC communities. Leave Lauren Melissa a tip on Ko-Fi.

An Open Letter to Multiracial Autistic Teens

Lauren Melissa Ellzey is multiracial and autistic. She always felt that the world divided her into what was Black or white, autistic or not. She encourages mixed race autistic teens to see and embrace their whole authentic selves.

Autism and Meltdowns: One Autistic Woman’s Journey

Lauren Melissa had no idea what was happening to her when she would dissolve into rage, confusion, or even blacking out. Once she was finally diagnosed as autistic, she had the self-knowledge to take control.

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