AdamAuron Lodestone

AdamAuron Lodestone
Adam (aka The Awetist) is an Autistic #ABASurvivor who is also: a single dad, an artist, profoundly Pagan, a sensory-seeking foodie, an EDS "zebra", a synesthete, and a passionate lover of moss and lichen. Adam is a Trauma-informed Peer Counselor, serving the Neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ populations; currently engaging heavily in advocacy, education, creative endeavors, and his own personal healing. Adam is taking commissions for copy or content writing, fine art, logo design, and illustration. View his art gallery, commission, or tip him at:

April Is…

April is for affirmation, inclusion, empowerment, and accomodation! Center Autistic voices. Unlearn ableist concepts. Actively dismantle ableist and neurobigoted structures and systems. Seek out advocates,

Dear Mom, I am Autistic:

Adam Lodestone, now 50, writes a letter to his mother as his childhood self. How would this compare to the letter your childhood self would write to your parents?

Motorcycle Boy's perception of color is limited to the "rumble fish".

The Autistic Gaze: Rumble Fish [film]

Representation matters, even indirect and unintentional representation. Headcanon neurodivergent characters abound in our cultural landscape. Motorcycle Boy is damn near archetypal for me. He is an avataric poem, a song of disenfranchisement, a long epic tale of knowing yourself SO well and being known not at all.

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