Announcement: Autistic Acceptance NeuroClastic Fundraiser

In April, we published artwork by autistic illustrator and psychotherapist, Kate Jones Illustration, that featured a silhouette of messages that would promote genuine autistic acceptance. It was a counter to messaging like “look me in the eye,” “you’re embarrassing me,” “quiet hands,” and “be yourself— but not like that.”

Image is on a black background and features a silhouette of a nonbinary person with curly hair and is made of rainbow text. The title reads, “on autistic unmasking.” the image reads: "Stim freely." "Just be you." "I love the way you think." "Your difference is beautiful." "You can love what you love as much as you like." "I’ll help you with that." "Seek out joy." "You can say no." "Tell me about your special interests." "You don’t have to sing it right." "You can take up space." "Communicate injustice." "Enjoy your space." "Delight in your passions." "You can rest." "You are the rite of movement." "Stim all you like." "Your sensory needs are valid." "Spend time where you thrive." "Access your community." "Be all of you." "You can change your mind as many times as you need." "I hear you." "Let me know if it’s too much." "Learn your way and what works you." "I will respect your ‘no’." "I believe you." "You deserve mercy." "You’re right." "It’s okay to cry." "Enjoy with gusto." "Show me what you need." "I’m sorry." "You can grow." "You have a right to communication." "You can rebel." "Dance because it doesn’t matter who’s watching." "There’s no wrong way to move." "You put so much thought into things." "I’ve got your back." "I love you as you are."

These positive affirmations demonstrate how to move beyond awareness and to true acceptance. While it was created with the specific intention of accepting autistic ways of being, these messages promote accepting anyone who is different to be their authentic self and not to lose their identity trying to assimilate into the status quo.

Available in a variety of styles, adult sizes, and youth sizes.

This fundraiser is hosted by Bonfire, and 100% of proceeds go to NeuroClastic’s nonprofit.

Imagine if every teacher, therapist, service provider, and parent really held these values.

Help spread the message of true autistic acceptance and get your gear here.

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  1. I love this so much! My order was cancelled because of current international shipping problems (I’m in Australia). US postal service not currently shipping to Australia. Any chance you might run this fundraiser again in future?

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