A new poem: I’m Rightly Rogue

Rogue mind likes to talk about watches

Tons of kind thoughts interest me

but stay lifeless on my tongue.

I wish they would interest my mouth

and make an appearance today.

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3 Responses

  1. This poem is so interesting to me. My recent ancestors on my father’s side, were watchmakers.

    Timepieces are fascinating. The inner mechanics, the mimicking of our own pulse and heartbeat in the cadence of their ticking.

    I think about how we create and recreate our organic systems in our machines.

    And speech is a surplus skill when we can communicate so much with our bodies and through our machines.

    Keeping the “rogue mind” free to focus on what fascinates us.

    Thank you for this poem, Noah. It is powerful and delightful.

  2. You’re a talented poet and the words will surprise one day when spoken. Until then friend keep brightening our world lens with these wonderful words in pen!

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