Teen being observed and having notes taken on him. autism autistic neuroclastic

Autism in Mainstream Education: A Survivor’s Story

This is what it was like being autistic (albeit not knowing it at the time) and attending public school with no accommodations or support, at least not that which would have done me any good.

A young boy with autism faces an abstract wall of rainbow colors

The Coat Closet – An Autism Seclusion Story

Mike Wise recalls his time as an autistic student placed in seclusion as a punishment for being impulsive or not getting his work done.

Photo of a school classroom

Challenges and discrimination for autistic children in school

The pure lack of knowledge and understanding of Autism has been the catalyst for teachers treating Scott with utter disrespect, neglect, and abuse. I am a teacher myself, and my husband is a manager in the health and disability sector. We have walked away from many meetings scratching our heads at the utter ignorance and inflexibility in attitudes and practices.

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