The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
Autism neurodiversity

Replacing control with ecologies of care

In our society the fiction of homo economicus manifests itself in the beliefs associated with the language of behaviourism, which exists in multiple dialects, and which has come to permeate and pollute many disciplines in the social sciences

Beauty from Chaos: Autism and vulnerability to abusive relationships

One autistic woman thought she’d met her soulmate when she started dating her partner. She didn’t see the warning signs until it was too late.

this is a silly picture of a vulnerable plant, but this alt text is for Zane. Communication rights rock. I hate Donald Trump, too. This is a really bad poem.

A poem that shouldn’t exist and isn’t a real poem anyway

This is a poem that isn’t a poem, a defiance against an order, a declaration that shouldn’t exist because some places are not meant to be profaned by words.

Review: Lulu is a Rhinoceros… Plus an April Sneak Peak

Lulu Is a Rhinoceros is a children’s picture book about a Rhinoceros who looks like a bulldog. It’s a mighty and subversive story about living authentically in a culture that values assimilation.

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