The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity

A Response to Colin Stolle’s Letter to Governor Northam About Matthew Rushin

In response to the public outrage, the Commonwealth Attorney of Virginia Beach wrote a letter asking that Matthew Rushin not be pardoned. Stolle accused those calling for Matthew’s release of being removed from the facts. Here are the facts.

Autism Speaks and ABA: Same Harmful Methods, Different Coat of Paint

Autism Speaks rebranded as “new,” and a part of their new campaign rollout is teaching parents to use ABA principles on their children. What could go wrong with programming an impressionable child to comply for candy?

Spectrum Magazine Missed the Point I Wanted to Express about ABA: Here’s what I said

I was interviewed by Spectrum News about ABA. What I said in interviews is not the message I was hoping would be printed. Here’s what I actually said.

Behaviorism is Dead. How Do We Tell The (Autism) Parents?

Dog trainer Carol Millman is back with another article looking at the archaic science of behaviorism and why it should have been retired long ago.