The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
Autism neurodiversity

Spectrum Critters Comics: What is Masking?

Even the Spectrum Critters have to deal with the expectations of masking sometimes, but it doesn’t change who they are! You are perfect just the way you are, too.

displays a female-presenting person wearing a fur hat and strange glasses and reads weird pride day is march 4th

March 4th is Weird Pride Day

Weird is not a word solely pointed at Autistic people, but most of us have had at word used as an insult. Weird Pride Day is March 4, and it is a declaration of acceptance and embracing of what is eccentric, different, or otherwise at odds with the status quo.

But my child loves ABA and their therapists: ABA, religion, and the status quo

ABA therapy is a religious cult with science as its god and the status quo as its benchmark. I was born a heathen, and being broken into compliance was for my own good.

ICARS: The Time to End Restraint and Seclusion is Now

Deadly restraints and cruel seclusion have been a harrowing stain on the legacy of disability rights. The time to end these barbaric practices is now.

Sia’s Film, Music: Who to Ignore, Who to Listen to, and Why

Listening to the wrong people can have a devastating impact on the Autistic community. The right organizations can push us into a more inclusive and accepting future for Autistic children.