Tejas Rao Sankar

Tejas Rao Sankar
Tejas Rao Sankar is an autistic nonspeaker who spells to communicate. He is 23 years old. Tejas is a passionate traveler and loves to dance, spend time with his friends. He is part of the Spellers and Allies Advocacy Network and brings advocacy to spellers causes. He loves creating memes around this for social media. He has presented, as a panelist, at conferences such as Innovations in Education. Georgia, Atlanta, The Bookwallis - a social media book group. He has been recognized by Congressman Max Rose and other legislators for his advocacy for nonspeaking Autistics. If you enjoy his writing, you can leave a tip for Tejas here, on Ko-Fi.

The Autistics’ Question

Tejas Rao Sankar challenges schools and society to invest in the autonomy of autistic people and not to deny nonspeakers the right to participate in the IEP process.

Airplanes and the Autistic

Tejas Rao Sankar, a nonspeaking autistic, attempted to board a flight, but his body did not want to cooperate with his mind.

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