An autist diagnosed later in life, with a love of reading and writing, and some fairly quirky attitudes.

Poetry: Echelons of Autism

Poetry about the levels of autism and where one autistic woman falls in that hierarchy of support needs.

Poetry: Beholden

I can’t tell them it’s all right, but I can be with them.
I am still strong,
and I will never forget the green, and the wind from the high places.
—This is when I am—

Poetry: The Relativity of Necessity

What are we really saying when we say, “Oh well,” “nevermind,” “I can do without it,” or “forget I ever mentioned it. A poetic exploration.

Poetry: Annoying Noises

An autistic exploration of the sounds of the world in the form of a humorous sestina, a type of poem that follows a pattern of repetition.

Poetry: Forayer

An autistic marauder finds more than contentment in nature.

Poetry: Encounter

Feel my gaze as a wild thing’s nearby attention— when you meet it, be gentle. My burrow is close, to hide me from sudden strangers.

Poetry: Away and Apart

A powerful poem about imagination, the value of solitude, the experience of nature, and the separation between an autistic and the rest of society.

My Autist Manifesto

“I have seen the shadow of doubt, and I went out and bought a floodlight with extra batteries.”

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