Pete Wharmby

Pete Wharmby
Pete is a secondary English teacher who was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2017 at the age of 34. Since this time he has become very active online, writing a blog about his experiences as an autistic adult and regular threads and videos on Twitter that add some insight into the autistic experience. He has written on a large variety of topics, including autistic burnout, autistic identity and masking, autism and parenthood, autistic humour and autistic interests. He is a keen writer and illustrator, though Lego is perhaps his biggest obsession. Subscribe to Pete's Patreon here, or buy Pete a coffee.
statue of justice

Autism and Responding to Authority

Autistic people perceive authority differently, which is seen in children and adults and when they are supposed to respect authority or assume it.

How Can Autism Affect Your Health?

Many barriers exist that keep autistic people from maintaining their health and self care best practices, and this can have catastrophic effects on autistic individuals.

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