Melissa Simmonds

Melissa Simmonds
Campaigner on Autism and Neurodiversity and intersections with race and faith. I'm the founder of MisTÂûght and the creator of Black History Month for Dummies & White Teachers. I'm in my final year of a MA in Autism Studies at Sheffield Hallam University; where I'm doing a dissertation on looking at children as 'Agents of Change' in birthing a more Autism inclusive society. Leave a tip and buy Melissa a coffee here.
African woman in traditional clothes in field of crops at sunset or sunrise panorama

Poetry: Two Voyages to CommonWEALTH

My umbilical cord is long, is strong, stretches colonies, centuries, countries, continents.
We are all so very happy and always Christian and sing in the choir we are all smiling, serving, joyous
Do I Make You Happy?

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