Mike Wise

Mike Wise
Mike Wise, also sometimes known as The Misfit Christian, was diagnosed in the early 80s as "having Autistic Tendencies." He is mostly interested in writing about the intersections between autism, mental health, and spirituality, and being an advocate for other folks on the spectrum to live their best lives. He is married to Corrie, and they have 2 dogs which drive them crazy. He also might be a sentient android-- the test results haven't come back yet, so we're not sure. Buy Mike a coffee.
Chalk drawing of a child huddled up with a thought bubble that reads “stop bullying”

The Long Term Impact of Bullying

Mike Wise talks about his experience as being fully autistic but before anyone who was speaking could be diagnosed that way. Bullying was treated as a rite of passage and empowered, even by his teachers.

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