Blue is a thinker of too many thoughts and a doer of too many things. She is a scientist by training, a science educator by vocation, and a writer quite by accident after stumbling into her autism diagnosis on the brink of 40. She is a mother of two vivacious girls, a grumpy cat, and a backyard full of chickens, bees, echidnas, and the occasional kangaroo. She sometimes forgets whether she’s supposed to be writing in American or Australian English, but she’s almost always writing about mental health, autism, or creating the books she wishes she had when she was younger. Connect on Twitter: @AspienBlue

It’s All Right to Cry…

Even when it’s the truth, even when you expect it, even when you long to have the validation of an autistic diagnosis for your child, the tears will still come.

The Joys of Working Within Your Tribe

When one workplace was a little too ideal and socially-seamless to be realistic, one woman shared her diagnosis with her coworkers. This is what happened.

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