Life Guides for Autistics | NeuroGuides™

Life Guides for Autistics | NeuroGuides™
Corporate neurodiversity consultant, relationship purist, cultural broker, strategic major donor relationship builder, writer, autistic Dad to three autistic persons, Neurodiversity Ambassador and speaker. Passionately focused on guiding neurodivergent persons to discover their strengths, gifts and enjoy meaningful lives. A relentless optimist, an encourager who is out to build up individuals, to better communities one great relationship at a time.

In Our Autistic Eyes

For me, the thing which lingers most in my mind, my memories, is the look in their eyes. How can I describe to you what

The Autistic Time Traveller

Aubrey felt the cool mist of the early fall breeze cross her neck. She’d bundled up before leaving her small apartment, taking the stairs down

The Accidental Autistic

World-renowned neurotypical advocate to autistic persons, J David Hall, realizes that he himself is autistic and chronicles unpacking that truth.

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