Duane Law

Duane Law
Duane Law, L.Ac., is among the earliest acupuncturists licensed to practice in the west. His work these days emphasizes self-care and client education as a more empowering path to optimal physical, emotional, and mental health than the alternatives. Duane, now 66, has recognized his spectrum status for the the last thirty years, but didn't bother to obtain a formal diagnosis until two years ago, from UCLA. His website is SelfCareAdvisor.net
Image features a close up of words on a typewriter. It reads, "It's all in the journey..." Autism on the spectrum autistic aspie asperger's poetry with neuroclastic

Hypnotized by Words

Words can build a bridge, or a cage. Words can be violent. A price can be put on words. A poem on the power and limits of words to shape whole societies.

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