I live with my family in rural West Wales. When I am not writing in my professional role as a business development manager, I can be found writing my autism and wildlife blogs. I ride a motorcycle, play the clarinet (but not at the same time!) and I love nature and the outdoors. My passion for wildlife is shared in my monthly newspaper column and I'm a director of a small non-profit organisation called Autism Wellbeing. I'm delighted to be able to share my personal, family and professional experience of autism with people. www.undercoverautism.wordpress.com www.offdowntherabbithole.org If you'd like to buy me a coffee, please visit: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Milknosugar
Understanding autistic body language, showing a woman with outstretched hands in a "I don't know" pose

Autistic Body Language

My different sensory, social and physical experiences don’t prevent me from empathizing. In fact, I am skilled at building rapport, seeing things from different perspectives, and connecting with people.

Autism: Autistic Empathy is Different

Emma Reardon discusses the difference between her own autistic expression of empathy compared to neurotypical empathy and the role the sensory plays in how we feel and demonstrate empathy.

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